As Brexshit bores on and the European elections are upon us, The Face celebrates all things Euro with 28 of our favourite Europeans (one for every state, still including Britain!).

Designers, DJs, photographers, promoters, singers and artists share what Europe means to them, from freedom of movement to trashy pop and human rights to tasty recipes. Volume 2, starring Juergen Teller, Walter Pfeiffer, Sofia Prantera, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Clare Waight Keller, Anton Gottlob, EUnited, Trippin, Deeper Into Movies and Joe Sweeney. (see Vol. 1 here)

Hear it from Walter here. Press play.

“I celebrated Europe with Antoine de Caunes with Eurotrash, which is something I want to do again. We can learn a lot of things about what’s happening around. Europe gives a strength to anyone. What I’ve loved about Europe since I was a little boy is the Eurovision Song Contest. Douze points! Even if England doesn’t ever win any more. Madonna, when I spoke to her about Eurovision, she didn’t even know what it was – she didn’t care about it! It was the American way, but now she cares a lot now that she lives part in London and part in Portugal, so that’s marvellous. All the kinky things that are happening in Eurovision. It’s just kitsch and we love that.

There is a big part in my new show about London and my kinky experience. ‘No sex please, we’re British’ is not the reality! London has been a big part when making Eurotrash. The British can laugh about the bad jokes we make about them. We tried to capture the British sense of humour, but it’s difficult. There are things that only the British can do themselves. I love to come to London. It’s a great pleasure and it’s part of my DNA now. At one time I was there every week. I wanted to work in London, but I just started to do my own shows, so it wasn’t possible and I fell in love with my boyfriend. But I went so many times without my boyfriend. It was my kinky experience! The freedom and music of London.

I think London is unique, England is unique, the English are unique. Maybe because you are insular. You keep your traditions, which I think is good. Every country should keep their own specificity. It doesn’t need to be international like everybody else. The English are not about to become international – I hope so, otherwise it wouldn’t be England. Like the French with our bad character and our gilets jaunes and our revolution!

Britain can keep its tradition, its spirit, its humour, but to be European doesn’t mean that each country has to forget its traditions, et surtout pas l’Angleterre! We respect and admire. Please don’t make like the French and kill the King and the Queen! I think it’s a mistake that the French did. Harry and Meghan’s wedding was fabulous, fantastic. It was an extraordinary wedding and very unique – only the British could do that. And the other thing you did was the opening of the Olympics – only you could have done. It was fab! The Spice Girls! The beginning was something hilarious with the Queen jumping out of a helicopter. It gives me so much pleasure – only Britain can do it. That is absolutely fab, but to be European doesn’t mean you have to renounce all of that.

English characters are always fab. I was very much influenced by the spirit of London. In Paris I felt rejected to be honest. London is more freedom, people when they go out, they like to have fun. The French are very poseur, very snobbish! You are more cool and relaxed about yourselves. That’s excellent.”

“Europe embodies everything we’re about at Trippin. A melting pot of cultures that encourages freedom of movement and cross-continental cultural exchange. It’s home to many of our community members who continue to promote a culture of inclusivity at a time when the media is distorting narratives and dividing us. In true Trippin style, our love letter to Europe is in the form of a mini guide told through the lens of three European community members. This is to celebrate the continent, the cities and the individuals that shape European identity.”

Naomi Accardi

First up is Naomi Accardi. Raised in the Italian countryside, and now residing in Milan, Naomi is the creative director and editor of Season Zine.

“Europe is an amazing continent full of art and history. It is the place that formed me as the person that I am, and is a centre for culture and a platform for opportunity.”

She describes the Danish capital Copenhagen as one of the best places she’s ever been, despite the bad weather she encountered on her whistlestop trip. “Everything is so neat and well-designed, I was especially amazed by the fleets of bikes everywhere!”

Ticking the boxes for sustainability, accessibility and natural spaces surrounded by sparkling canals of water, Copenhagen is the perfect city-break spot. If you find yourself there be sure to check out Naomi’s top spot Mikkeller, for “good music, varieties of beers and a very good atmosphere.”

Ryan Hawaii

Next we have designer and artist Ryan Hawaii, who grew up in the Lewisham borough of South East London, but expresses his love for the charm of Amsterdam, the cycling capital of the world.

“One good memory from Amsterdam was when I’d just met my Dutch girlfriend at the time. I was spending a lot of time over there with her, had lost my passport at an event and hadn’t booked a flight home. I planned a pop up shop and sold enough to pay for an emergency replacement passport so I could catch a flight back at the last minute. It was epic, like a movie.”

Located in the old town, passing through the red light district and Chinatown, Amsterdams famous street Zeedijk is home to a diverse range of shops and restaurants, including Ryan’s top spot Zeedijk 60. “It’s a very cool store, run by SMIB, Bonne Suits and TNO, three of the best brands in Amsterdam. It’s youth-run, with a community feel”. You can see the rest of Ryan’s guide to Amsterdam on here.

Fae Sapienta

Our third and final community member is Parisian born songwriter and painter, Faë Sapienta. From studio sessions in LA to secret hide-aways in Asia, Faë insists that Europe is where she feels most at home. “We take our time to live, to love and to discover.”

Reflecting on trips to Florence, Fae tells us “the weather is always perfect and everybody is chill. ‘Far niente’ as they say!” If you’re heading to the capital of Tuscany then make sure you check out Fae’s favourite spot Caffé Italiano, as they do the best truffle pasta.

Listen to Steven T. Hanley talk European film here.

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